Suspended Assembly of Santiago de Chile

The Association of National Counselors of Chile, ANCORE, presented us with a good solution when the V Local Development Forum that was to be held in Córdoba, Argentina was canceled. The Bureau and the Assembly of ORU Fogar de Córdoba could be held in Santiago, Chile on December 1 in the frammework of COP25.

When the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, because of the riots, suspended the COP25, our local partners, ANCORE, were in favor of holding the ORU Fogar meeting and we kept it. It seemed that social mobilization should remit and that, in the worst case, it could not affect a meeting of governors and regional presidents like ORU Fogar.

During this time, both ANCORE, and the ORU Fogar Secretariat, have been working to make this assembly a success. Three weeks before the event, the situation, far from calming down, does not, however, present the conditions for the event. In this situation, and in permanent contact with ANCORE, we have been forced to suspend the Bureau and Assembly.

Given that by statute we must hold an annual assembly and there are issues that must be approved for the normal course of the organization, we are studying the situation and considering the possibility of taking advantage of the content of article 14 of our bylaws that allows the holding of bureaus and assemblies “by videoconference or other means of communication ”. We will communicate the solution shortly.

We regret the inconvenience that this decision entails for our partners, but, it is for a greater cause that we have been forced to take it. At this point, one can only thank ANCORE for their work and the enthusiasm they have maintained until the last moment. Thanks friends.


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