As we promised in the Bureau and the General Assembly in Cartagena, here is the first number of ORU-Fogar’s Newsletter, which we are committed to sending you on a quarterly basis. We want you to get news on the organisation’s activities, as well as on our regions’ and regional networks’. But we also aim to inform on the political processes related to decentralisation and the territorial debate taking place in different countries.

Therefore, together with a variety of news, each number will include a press review with information and articles on what might be going on in different countries. At the same time, we will include a think piece on a variety of decentralisation political processes, which we will suggest a member or a friend of ORU-Fogar to write. We also intend to have a space devoted to publications and articles that might be published throughout the world in relation to regionalisation processes. We shall follow with great interest all the literature generated on this topic. 

Finally, each number will contain the agenda with ORU-Fogar’s main activities, as well as the main global events in relation to issues that may be of interest to the intermediate governments, from debates on development to debates on climate change.  

A few weeks ago, a major event on Smart Cities was held in Barcelona. From then on, everybody wants to be “Smart”, and so do we.  We want ORU-Fogar to be a strong and “Smart” organisation. These Newsletters pursue this goal. 

Carles Llorens




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