The purpose of this working group is to support the efforts of their member organizations and regions to meet the challenge of sustainable development. Also, to organize ORU-Fogar’s participation and contribution to the relevant international dialogues and for a on development cooperation –that is, helping regions shape a common voice and become actors in the global debate.

Our objectives are:

- To foster both the conceptual elaboration and operational deployment of key regional development methodologies, notably the territorial approach of development (LED) and smart specialization strategies (RIS3).

- To organize the ORU-Fogar’s participation in the international debates on development and development cooperation, with an emphasis on the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC); and to promote that the knowledge and technical innovation generated there are known and integrated by ORU-Fogar member regions.

- To become a venue for information-sharing, project formulation and identification, and successful consortium-building, where member regions build together better access   to international financing opportunities. Special attention is paid to the European Union, through the Platforma initiative and membership in the Policy Forum on Development.

2020 Agenda



6-7: SDG Platforma cluster meeting

19-21: Conference about Decentralized Cooperation, Bilbao



18-19: EC Workshop, Global Partnership for Development Cooperation Steering Committee (Brussels)

23-26: Policy Forum on Development (Brussels)

27: Workshop “Regions and Sustainable Development Goals” (Brussels)

31/3-2/4: Platforma Steering Committee



20-21: Buró ORU-Fogar, Açores



6-8: V Forum of Local Economic Development (Córdoba)

12-13: Global Partnership for Development Cooperation 19th Steering Committee meeting (New York)

4-15: Development Cooperation Forum (New York)



9-10: European Development Days (Brussels)

15-17: Annual Meeting CGLU-CIB (Sint-Niklaas)

July 7-8: Meeting of International Action of Territorial Collectivities, Paris 



12-15: 18th European Week of Regions and Cities (Brussels)

22-23: Global Partnership for Development Cooperation 20th Steering Committee meeting (Berne)



6-7: Assembly ORU-Fogar (Lyon)




News concerned

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- We continue to work for the Effectiveness of Cooperation 10/1/2020

- A network of experts in regional paradiplomacy has been created 8/1/2020

- ORU Fogar participate in the HLPF in New York 15/7/19

- The collection "Territories in Debate" concludes its 10 volumes 28/3/19

- High trainining technical missions after the assembly of the Basque Country 8/1/18

- First meeting with the participants of the RIS3-AL Program 11/7/17

Articles concerned

- J. Sánchez: The Global Taskforce of local and regional governments, beyond Habitat III 15/02/17

- R. Esparza: Piura’s RIS3 2/2/17

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