To make the voice of the Regions heard

To bring together the regions throughout the world to identify their concerns, to work on joint proposals and to make their voice heard.

To be the voice of the intermediate governments in parliaments, before the national governments and in all international bodies

To facilitate the representation of the regions in global forums, as part of the construction of a global governance.

To represent the intermediate governments in all the organisations which have a direct impact on the quality of life of their populations, in a spirit of loyal cooperation with the municipal power

All of this with the view that the intermediate government is a strategic government in the service of development.

A global governance where regions count

To support cooperation between regions with continental and global institutions, particularly the United Nations Agencies.

To defend a new governance based on recognition of cultural and life style diversity, aiming at Human Development and the maximum possible accumulation of Social Capital.

To promote participation of the regional governments in the design and the management of policies on education, health and the construction of social infrastructures.

To favour cross-border and transnational relations in which regions take part.

To work for the regions

To urge the national governments to incorporate the regional dimension in their agendas.

To support the national policies that strengthen the regional level. 

To prioritize the regional competitiveness and growth policies as factors for social and territorial cohesion. 

As governments of the territory, to promote sustainable development, targeting full respect for the environment.

With the support from the national governments, to provide a forum for exchanging knowledge and best practice policies, solidarity between rich and poor regions and to stimulate para-diplomacy among the regions of the world.

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