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Why join the ORU Fogar network?

To defend the position of the Regions and Intermediate Governments

Being part of ORU means being part of an organisation that believes in political autonomy and claims power for the territory. Being part of ORU means participating in an integrated international network that defends the idea that decentralisation boosts development and that is aligned with those who believe in a government (the intermediate one) who- by proximity to the citizen- builds democracy. ORU is, before international bodies and national governments, the advocate for a strong regional government, having legally recognized capabilities and competences and budgets commensurate with these competences


Being a member of ORU allows to share experiences, build contacts, and organise projects and partnership among subnational governments. ORU is a space for networking for the regions, a top-level international contact network with the strongest intermediate governments in the world.  We have amongst our members some of the most important European and Latin American regions, as well as regional governments from Africa and Asia. 

Tools and communication channels

To promote your activities and projects we provide you with the organisation’s tools and communication channels: newsletter, website, Twitter, Facebook, FlickR, etc.

Training programs for the members

In close collaboration with the Catalan Government, we have designed a training program on political leadership in regional governments aimed at both political leaders and those responsible for managing and administering intermediate governments.  

Bank of good practices, capabilities, and competences

With a view to sharing specific actions and projects led by the regional governments or by the joint effort between different organisations, entities or communities, which according to the criteria set out (efficacies, sustainability, innovation, local development, inclusion and participation), constitute relevant learning, we intend to provide a backbone for a bank of good practices among the organisation’s members.

On the other hand, we are also developing a bank of capabilities and competences counting with the capabilities of engineers, experts in urban development, education and health, which our members can place at the disposal of the other members. 

Projects and resources devoted to development cooperation

ORU makes available to it members all of its resources so that they can access cooperation resources and projects.  


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