The IV World LED Forum will be held in Cape Verde

After the III World LED Forum held last October in Turin (Piemonte, Italy), preparations for the next international meeting have already begun. The Executive Committee of the Forum met in Geneva (Switzerland) last 28th and 29th of January. ORU Fogar, that forms part of it, was present at the meeting, together with other members such as the UN Program for Development (UNDP), the International Labor Organization (ILO), the network of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and former organizers of last editions such as: the Andalusian Fund of Municipalities for International Solidarity (FAMSI), the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae) and the Municipality of Turin.

The main decision taken at the meeting was the seat for the IV LED Forum, to be held in 2017 in the African island of Cape Verde. The dates are yet to be determined and they will be defined according to the international agenda. Cape Verde will also host some of the preparatory meetings and side events that are already being planned, as in the case of an event on Social and Solidarity Economy that the ILO will celebrate from the 5th to the 7th May 2017. Also, the possibility was raised of holding preparatory meetings for the Forum in other continents.

The Secretary General of ORU, Carles Llorens, expressed the organization’s will to work towards a greater involvement of African regions in the fourth edition of the Forum. "We expect to go further than only being the organization representing the regional world, as in past editions, and we are planning to involve the African regions with whom we have partnerships. More specifically, we are thinking of highly mobilized regional networks such as those in Senegal, Kenya or Ivory Coast” – explained the Secretary General. At the Geneva meeting, the subject areas and themes of the Cape Verde Forum began to be outlined and one of them will be managed by our organization: the subject area of rural and territorial development. 





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