First meeting of the Organizing  Committee for the III World Forum of Local Economic Development

After  the participation in the first Forum in Seville and the second in Iguaçu, ORU-Fogar will participate in the Third World Forum of Local Economic Development, in October 2015, to be held in Turin. To prepare this forum, which has traditionally gathered more than 4000 people, the secretary general of ORU-FOGAR, Carles Llorens, has attended to the preparatory meeting UNDP-Art which was convened in this city of the Italian northwest.

The mayor of Turin, Piero Fassino, has  opened the meeting by explaining that they want to locate the Forum on the framework of the city's participation in the World Expo 2015 in Milan,in which Turin wants to be included by leading a debate on global feeding.

Giovanni  Camilleri from UNDP-Art has explained that  the III Forum, as the previous two, wants to be a practical event, in which there will be disclosed practices that promote economic development. He has stated  that, beyond different political and cultural  approaches, the two previous experiences showed them the value of sharing experiences on territorial development. 

Carles Llorens showed the availability of the network of regions to support the event, with a willingness of defending the territorial approach to development. The secretary general stated that, during the Forum, they will defend the political autonomy of the regions, convinced  that this autonomy accelerates development.



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