Diputació de Barcelona receives the status of Biosphere Gold Destination

The Barcelona Provincial Council (Diputació de Barcelona) has achieved the Biosphere Gold destination recognition. The "Biosphere Destination" mark already accredited the tourism sustainability of a territory, and the new status testifies to the added commitment of the destination's tourism companies and services. The Barcelona Provincial Council thus becomes the second destination in the world to receive it. The first was the Island of Palma, in the Canary Islands, Spain.

The status of Biosphere Gold Destination and the renewal of the "Biosphere Destination" certification are based on three tourist brands in Barcelona: Costa Barcelona, Paisajes Barcelona and Pirineos Barcelona. To acquire the Gold category, an audit process is carried out, to ensure that in addition to the Biosphere certification of the destination itself, the destination companies have developed a work of involvement and have obtained the Biosphere Commited Entity seal.

Barcelona Provincial Council has been a pioneer in promoting, through its "Commitment to Sustainability" programme, good practices in the sustainable management of tourism companies. More than 300 tourism companies and services participate in its programmes. The "Biosphere Destination" certification is awarded by the Institute for Responsible Tourism, an international organization that is a partner of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Its criteria are aligned with the fulfilment of the 17 Sustainable Development Objectives of the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations.

The certification implies assuming the principles of sustainable management, economic and social development, conservation and improvement of cultural heritage, environmental conservation, quality and safety and visitor involvement. The Biosphere Destination seal, at the same time, allows to improve the positioning and international promotion of tourist brands, in terms of sustainability and responsibility.

The Biosphere Gold certificate was awarded on the 9th of January by the president of the Institute of Responsible Tourism, Tomás Azcárate, to the president of Diputació de Barcelona, Marc Castells. 

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