Women more present in regional governments

Women continue to have limited representation in all aspects of political, economic and social life despite the fact that their full participation is fundamental to addressing the challenges facing humanity. International solidarity will be the key to a sustainable future, strengthening cooperation between central, local and regional governments and civil society to overcome obstacles to women's political participation in local decision-making.

Regional governments should commit to:

1. Increase women's participation in decision-making to ensure equal representation.

2. Place equality between women and men as a priority in the public policy agenda and in the provision of public services that contribute to the improvement and empowerment of women.

3. Contribute to a safe world for women who are traditionally the most vulnerable to all types of violence.

The V World Forum on Local Economic Development that ORU Fogar is organizing from May 26th to June 1st together with UNDP, ILO, UCLG and FAMSI, under the auspices of the Municipality and the Province of Cordoba (Argentina), will devote special attention to how the empowerment of women can be a key factor in the post COVID-19 economic recovery. This edition of the forum, a meeting place between the local and regional world and the United Nations agencies, will focus on which territorial economic and productive models are the most suitable for tackling inequality and, more specifically, how the gender factor can be a key factor in making development as inclusive as possible.

Thus, several areas of the Forum aim to show the role and enormous potential of women as 'creators' and facilitators of local economic development processes. This axis will also study the political conditions, practices, instruments and resources to identify, make visible and better deploy this potential, including the economic impact of greater equality in local communities. All this from a territorial dynamic that supports the socio-economic empowerment of women. In any case, ORU Fogar will be there with its governors, presidents and prefects to show best practices in gender policies.

ORU Fogar is also supporting the celebration of the I Congress on Science and Gender to be held from August 24 to 27, also in Cordoba, organized by various ministries of the Province in collaboration with several universities in Cordoba. The objective of the Congress is to discuss, from a gender perspective, the issues inherent to the scientific, technological and artistic fields, while promoting critical reflection on the practices, contents, transmission and social organization of knowledge. With the collaboration of ORU Fogar, various regions of the world will participate by contributing their best practices in this regard and discussing the role of public policies in promoting gender equality and equity.

All these initiatives are particularly relevant considering that, in the same field of regional governments, the presence of women is still far from parity. On the occasion of March 8, World Women's Day, ORU Fogar launched a small campaign in which, in the absence of global data, it was pointed out that - in Europe - only 21% of regional presidents, only 35% of members of regional parliaments and 23% of members of the Committee of the Regions are women.

March 8 online campaign:


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