Second day of the V Forum

The content of the second day of the Forum was the keynote address of the space directed by ORU Fogar and FAMSI, which was given by Professor Joan Subirats. He affirmed that we have 21st century problems, which we analyze from 20th century paradigms and 19th century institutional instruments. He stated that growing diversity requires close institutions and that therefore it is necessary to reinforce decentralization. He denounced that, at this time and in general, local and regional governments are underfunded, if we take into account the requirements that citizens demand. He was in favor of a great redistribution of public spending. Central governments, he said, continue with the outdated idea that having power consists of controlling most of the budget. Its power must be in control, evaluation, planning and redistribution, because the budget must be in the hands of those who provide public services.

This conference set the framework of the space "The territory as a basis for innovation and economic, social and environmental reactivation" in which, on behalf of ORU Fogar, the President of ARDCI, the regions of Côte d'Ivore, Eugène Aka Aouelé participated . The also president of the Regional Council of Sud Comoé said that, for regionalists, the territory is the space of excellence to decide the future. With a very practical approach, he said that decentralizing "means that the regions can build 15 schools spread over the territory of the region, when before the central state built only one in the capital of the region."

Two Kenyan governors also participated in the forum: Peter Anyang 'Nyong'o, governor of Kisumu and Ndiritu Muriithi, governor of Laikipia. The Governor of Kisumu County stated that COVID-19 has shown us that collaboration from all levels of government is required. We must all guarantee access to essential health care and social services. The governor of Laikipia spoke of the need for technologies to reach all corners of the territory and spoke of the revolution for development that means that, in Africa, credit can reach through the mobile phone. "Our obligation is that these technologies are available to the inhabitants of cities and towns."

Mariano Fernandez, pro-tempore secretary of Zicosur and Javier Gallegos, president of the Commonwealth of the Andes, Peru, affirmed the need to develop public policies aimed at creating and strengthening the link between different territories.


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