Last day of the V Forum

ORU Fogar had the honor of being represented at the closing of the V World Forum on Local Development by Karl-Heinz Lambertz, who is president of the Association of European border regions, president of the Regional Parliament of the German-speaking Community of Belgium and, until recently months, President of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union. On behalf of ORU Fogar, Lambertz thanked the Municipality, the Province of Córdoba and ADEC for the effort to make the V World Forum on Local Economic Development a reality. "Everything was prepared for a face-to-face forum from May 6 to 8, 2020, but COVID-19 - he said - dismantled all these plans and many others around the world. We have had to adapt to the new situation, change our minds in many times, facing the urgent, but also the old challenges and, finally, we have done many things differently. This V Forum is a very good example of our ability to adapt. "

The president of ARFE tried to synthesize what, in his opinion, could be the main ideas that, during the 5 days of the forum, could inspire future actions in many territories. He spoke of 'resilience' as a crosscutting concept in many interventions, particularly in regards to public services, empowering rural areas, and enhancing urban-rural partnerships. He also referred to the need to include multi-level collaboration of all administrative levels involved, and subsidiarity, to promote public policies aimed at reactivating productive, social and environmental development. He highlighted that many of the speakers had referred to the convenience of a “circular economy”, as a smart way to face current environmental and economic challenges and prevent future ones. He did not stop referring to the focus on a new, sustainable and manageable tourism as a development factor, highlighted during the forum by our network, ORU-FOGAR. And finally, he highlighted the consensus on the need to promote gender equality in all areas of life.

This was, on the other hand, the day of the Colombians. The Governor of the Department of Cauca, Elías Larrahondo, participated in the space “An offer of adequate training for emerging activities and new employment opportunities within the framework of LED strategies. In particular in countries that experience situations of fragility ”. The governor explained how, at the rural level and in his department, entrepreneurial activities were being strengthened and productivity and profitability improved. “We have,” he said, “the human development program, sustainable social development paths and inclusive businesses, which involve strengthening the skills of small businesses so that they can offer their services at a broader level.

Nilza Pantoja from the Department of Nariño participated in the panel “Economic justice, local development, coexistence and peace”. She spoke openly of the difficulties of the peace process, generally in Colombia, and of participating in her department. "Peace in Nariño," she said, "passes through respect for life and integration. Only a peace negotiation, however, will not get us out of our difficult situation. There must also be social dialogue to prevent conflict and rebuild culture and forgiveness. This is the key to building a society for the future, in which all parties can participate ”.



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