The AIRF 20th birthday

In 2022, the International Association of Francophones Regions is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  On the occasion of the anniversary, the AIRF offers, as part of its 2022 programming and with the support of the French Development Agency (AFD), the regional meetings. Therefore, taking advantage of its General Assembly on 22 and 23 June, the AIRF is organizing a French-speaking economic meeting and a meeting dedicated to youth policies. All in Lyon.

The AIRF was established in 2002 at the initiative of Thierry Cornillet, vice president of Rhône-Alpes (France), Abdelkébir Berkia, president of the Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaer region of (Morocco), who was also vice president of ORU Fogar, and Oumarou Ag Mohamed Ibrahim, president of the Tombuctú region (Mali). Today, the AIRF is chaired by Laurent Wauquiez, president of the Auvergne Rhone Alps Regional Committee. It brings together nearly 200 regions, including eight national regional associations from 28 French speaking countries.

The aim of the association is to promote the Francophonie of proximity, and thus, aims to participate in the development of a francophone space respectful of diversity, united and more prosperous. It aims to establish cooperation between French-speaking regions, exchange of information and experiences related to their respective fields of activity.

The francophone economic meeting will take place on 22 June. It is an event to talk about water, energy, and agriculture, which will allow companies and ONG to promote their knowledge in French-speaking communities.  With its partner, AFRICA Meetings, AIRF will organize a day of economic exchanges with multiple stakeholders about Water and Sanitation, Energy, Agriculture and Food Sectors. There is going to be a French-speaking country in the spotlight: Senegal and several guests of honor, such as the minister of Energy, Sophie Gladima and the minister of Agriculture and Agri-food, Serigne Gueye Diop of Senegal, as well as the President of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra and ORU Fogar regions, Rachid the Abdi.

The next day, 23 June, the AIRF celebrates the anniversary with a focus on regional youth policies. It will discuss projects specific to this segment of the population, including illustrations, testimony, experience exchange and analysis. In addition to the regional presidents of France, Niger, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Romania, Comoros, Cote d 'Ivoire, Congo, Senegal and Morocco, the youth councils of the Sant Louis (Senegal), PACA (France) and South Comoé (Cote d'Ivoire) will also attend.



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