ORU Fogar’s Agenda in Habitat III

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ORU Fogar will have an active participation in the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, through an Assembly, a Side Event and a regional positioning.


On the occasion of the United Nations Conference Habitat III, ORU Fogar will be travelling to Quito to attend and participate in the international meeting, as well as organizing diverse meetings and activities. The first one will be the General Assembly, on Sunday 16th of October at 15h, in which the presidency of the organization will be renovated. Once the mandate of the current president, Paúl Carrasco and the vice-president Abdelkébir Berkia, has concluded, the assembly will vote for their successors. 

In the meeting, which will take place in CONGOPE’s (Consortium of Ecuadorian Provincial Governments) headquarters, a regional positioning document towards the New Urban Agenda will be adopted. Untitled “Regional Governments in Habitat III”, it has been promoted by ORU Fogar in order to make the voice of the regions heard in Habitat III. The day will conclude with a reception at the “Mitad del Mundo” site, to which CONGOPE’s president, Gustavo Baroja, and ORU Fogar’s president, Paúl Carrasco, have invited all the regional representatives attending Habitat III.

A side event for regions

The next day, Monday 17th of October, ORU and the Catalan Government will host a side event at 9:30 in the Habitat III Conference, at Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana “Benjamín Carrion”, titled “Integrated and Balanced Territorial Development. The added value of regional governments towards the New Urban Agenda”. In this event, different regional institutions from Latin America and Europe will present their best practices regarding that issue.

On the same day, a press release will be held at 13h in the stand of Catalonia in Habitat III, in which the positioning document of the regional governments will be presented by the Catalan Counsellor of Territory and Sustainability, Josep Rull and the President of Barcelona’s Provincial Government, Mercè Conesa.

Alternative activities

ORU’s regional representatives will also participate in events other than the organisation’s own meetings, such as the Local and Regional Assembly for the New Urban Agenda within Habitat III, or the seminar “Intermediate Governments: between the local and the national levels. How is the territory articulated?” within the so called Alternative Habitat III. Another event in which ORU will participate is the Local Good Practices Fair in the Catholic University of Ecuador, which together with the Casa de la Cultura, will organize several lectures on topics related to regional governments.





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