High trainining technical missions after the assembly of the Basque Country

Following the ORU Fogar assembly held in the Basque Country on 27 and 28 November, the Autonomous Island of Ndzuwani (Comoros Islands), the Province of Córdoba (Argentina) and the secretariat of Zicosur took the opportunity to carry out a high training technical mission.

The Africans, led by Governor Abdou Salami, were attended by the Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government, who showed the delegation of the island various agricultural projects. They visited Neiker-Tecnalia (Basque Institute of Agricultural Research and Development) and the agricultural cooperative UDAPA. After the Basque visits, they were in Barcelona, where they had meetings with the Barcelona Provincial Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya. At the headquarters of the Provincial Council, they met with Xavier Bertran, head of Planning and Evaluation, as well as with the heads of ORU Fogar’s Cultural Diversity Group. Regarding the Government of Catalonia, they held interviews with the directorate of tourism, urban planning and territorial planning.

In Barcelona, Carlos T. Alesandri, secretary of Regional Integration and International Relations, and Carlos Tarsile, general director, both from the Province of Córdoba, and Zicosur's secretary, Luís Mariano Fernandez, held several technical meetings with the Catalan Government. They met with the heads of ORU Fogar's Group 2030, led by Catalonia, to learn about RIS3 strategic planning. For the same purpose, they had a meeting with ACCIO, the Catalan economic development agency, responsible for writing and managing the Catalan RIS3. The Argentines also met with those responsible for the New Catalan Urban Agenda, who are deploying Habitat III's mandate at the regional level, and with the general director of Environmental Quality and Climate Change, Mercè Rius. Finally, they also had an interview with Jordi Martí, deputy responsible for International Relations of the Barcelona Provincial Council.


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