The International Conference on Biodiversity

Regional governments promote multi-stakeholder forum on biodiversity in preparation to COP14.

The Government of Azuay, together with the Network of Regional Governments for Sustainable Development (nrg4SD) and the Consortium of Ecuadorian Provincial Governments (CONGOPE), as well as the technical support of the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador, The National Institute of Biodiversity and the International Training Center for Authorities and Leaders (CIFAL-QUITO)  prepare to welcome regional authorities and experts, academia, community leaders and other levels of governments from all over the world at the International Conference on Biodiversity “A Territorial Rights based Approach to Biodiversity”  taking place on 21 - 22 June, in Cuenca/Azuay, Ecuador. The event will be held alongside the nrg4SD Annual General Assembly meeting (19 - 20 June), and will be an important step towards the CBD COP14, to be held in November 2018, in Egypt.

The International Conference on Biodiversity emerges from the urgent need to strengthen the dialogue between regional governments and different stakeholders in order to accelerate biodiversity conservation. Therefore, the event counts with a diversified program, integrating spaces for discussion and the exchange of experiences, which will contribute to improve multilevel coordination and public policies at all levels.

The event also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) by emphasizing the role of regional governments to the achievement of the Aichi Targets, and also towards defining a post-2020 framework for the global biodiversity agenda. It also considers biodiversity in the context of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition to the SDG 15, about Life on Land, the Conference will address the linkages between biodiversity and other SDGs, as on tackling poverty, hunger and climate change, and its connections to women and indigenous peoples.

The themes to be discussed during the Conference are:

1. Aichi Targets, SDGs, Climate Change and the role of regional governments;

2. Public policies and governance for biodiversity conservation

3. Endangered species, fragile and threatened ecosystems;

4. Gender and Biodiversity;

5. Local communities, Indigenous Peoples and Biodiversity;

6. Biodiversity integration in industrial, infrastructure and bio-commerce sectors.

As a result of the Conference, the regions will sign a joint position paper to be presented by the Government of Ecuador at COP14 on behalf of nrg4SD and the regional governments in the world. This paper will highlight the need to strengthen the collaboration among all levels of governments and the crucial role of regional governments in leading efforts to achieve the global biodiversity targets.

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