The collection "Territories in Debate" concludes its 10 volumes

The Consortium of Provincial Autonomous Governments of Ecuador (CONGOPE), has published four new volumes of the book collection "Territories in Debate", which makes up a total of 10. This is a collection specialized in territorial development and whose intention is to bring the academia closer to public policy makers. Its objective is also to consider the territory, not only as a space determined by human action, but also as a determining factor in the social life and development of peoples.

The collection has been published since 2015. The final four books just published are: Territorialization of public policy and governance, which reflects on the territorial public policies implemented in Ecuador; Violence, genders and rights in the territory, which analyzes the rights of women in the territories, their struggles and advances.; Paradiplomacy and territorial development, which reflects on the potential of territorial governments in the globalised world, in the light of successful international experiences; and Territory, identity and interculturality, where the way plurinationality and interculturality can help the management of provincial autonomous governments is analysed..

The authors of the books are prominent academics from Ecuador and the world, as well as managers of national, territorial and local public policy, who reflect from a critical perspective on these crucial issues for the validity of democracy and the management of the regions. Among the collaborators, and beyond Ecuadorian prefects emblematic for regionalism, such as Gustavo Baroja or Paúl Carrasco, the collection has counted with the president of ORU Fogar, Abdessamad Sekkal, who has written a chapter for the tenth book, and the secretary general of the organization, Carles Llorens, who has written about paradiplomacy in the 9th. Although the books are focused on the debate on Ecuador's territorial development policy, they contain theoretical-conceptual information and other experiences that make them universal.

The books in their digital version can be consulted in the repository:



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