High-level meeting on the Effectiveness of Cooperation

From December 12 to 14, the most important global meeting on Cooperation in recent years will be held in Geneva. It is the “High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation”. This Partnership, supported by the OECD and the UNDP, was born from the macro meeting on cooperation held in Busan (South Korea) in 2011. It is a space to ensure the effectiveness of cooperation, in accordance with the Paris Declaration (DP) on the Effectiveness of Development Aid of 2005 that enshrined 5 principles: the appropriation of cooperation by recipient countries, alignment with the strategies of these recipients, harmonization among donor countries, a focus on results and accountability of accounts.

ORU Fogar, which had participated very actively in the Busan Summit in 2014, was admitted to the Bureau of the Global Partnership for the Effectiveness of Development Cooperation, being a rare exception when multilateral organizations rarely admit local and regional representatives. Admitting UCLG and ORU Fogar to the Bureau recognized the important role of local and regional governments in the field of cooperation.

After the pandemic and in a difficult moment at a global level, with the war in Ukraine and all its consequences in the panorama, the High-Level Meeting of the Alliance in December must see the best way to use the limited resources of local, regional, national or global cooperation, in a way that is implemented quickly and achieves the greatest impact in achieving the SDGs.

In many ways, the Geneva meeting (Swiss cooperation is leading the Global Partnership Bureau) is going to be a reaffirmation of the Paris Declaration. It is clear that cooperation must be based on the priority of the recipient countries and present very measurable results. Thus, the summit is planned as a new commitment to action, underpinned by a revitalized global partnership. It will also be the space in which tools and practices for a better implementation of cooperation will be presented, as well as a renewed way of monitoring.

The ORU Fogar Development Cooperation Working Group is already working so that the regions will be present in Geneva with an important delegation.



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