Collaboration agreement between ORU and TEC Monterrey

The United Regions Organisation and the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey in Nueva León, Mexico, have concluded a mutual collaboration agreement in terms of academic training and the promotion of international cooperation. The agreement, established within the framework of the fellowship program on “International Development Cooperation” offered at the Guadalajara campus at the TEC Monterrey University, will allow for the sharing of knowledge and staff between both organisations, thus enriching their professional experiences and strengthening their relations.

The collaboration agreement will lead to ORU hosting students of International Relations at TEC Monterrey to carry out internships in the organisation. The first stay after the entry into force of the agreement will take place this summer, with the incorporation of a student from the Guadalajara Campus to assist ORU’s technical team in the headquarters in Barcelona.  This gives the students the opportunity to know and work on a real project of international development cooperation, thus enriching their academic training and their personal and professional interests.  At the same time, the new incorporation will be an essential channel to establish new relations with the Mexican States.   

ORU also collaborates with other Catalan and international universities for the improvement of academic excellence. ORU is currently considering the possibility of cooperating with the School of International Relations at Blanquera- Ramon Llull University, in Barcelona, providing support in curricular internships. This four-year bachelor degree is completed with an academic exchange and an internship program, in which ORU will take part as host institution. 



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