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What is good public management practice?



 A good practice is an activity or process undertaken by a local/regional authority that has produced noteworthy results in public management and that can be replicated in other organisations to improve their effectiveness, efficiency and innovation for the benefit of the public good.



What is the purpose of the contest?  

To promote and encourage good practices currently being implemented by regional governments with the aim of improving the quality of services provided to citizens.  

 What are the aims?

To identify and highlight good practices of regional governments worldwide.

To stimulate the Public Administration’s dynamism and efficiency.

To disseminate, support and promote the adoption of good practices in public management in the regional government institutions.

- To position the concept of good practices in public management as an effective tool for regional governments.

 What is the scope?

 The II Regional Good Practices Award has a global scope and it is addressed to intermediate governments: regions, provinces and federal states.



II Regional Best Practices Award 2017

What are the requirements?

-  The good practice submitted must have already commenced and its first results be available.

The good practices must be implemented before the end of the submission period.

- In the case of good practices developed by more than one institution, such institutions may submit the good practice jointly or separately.

All information provided in the application will be deemed true merely on the grounds of its submission. However, if the evaluation process reveals that the information contained is not truthful or accurate, it will result in disqualification of the application.

- The practices can be submitted in one of these languages: English, French and Spanish.

How will the good practices be evaluated?

The assessment of applications will be conducted on the basis of objective, technical and measurable criteria; in an independent, non-political and impartial manner, within the framework of the United Nations resolution A/RES/70/1, “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.

ORU Fogar’s Secretariat General will be responsible for:

-sorting the information submitted by the participants and verifying that at the end of the submission period all nominations fulfil all formal requirements, in accordance with these Rules;

-solving any query or question regarding the II Regional Good Practices Award;

-supporting the Jury’s work as necessary.

It shall consist of members with a well-known trajectory and public credibility, among which outstanding professionals of the academic, business, cultural and public administration sectors.

It will be responsible for selecting the finalists and the winners of each category among all Good Practices submitted.

The Jury, in consultation with ORU Fogar’s Secretariat-General, will settle any conflict arising from the interpretation of these Rules.

Evaluation criteria

  1. Citizens Welfare: The practice must be oriented towards improving the citizens’ quality of life. It is necessary to explain and prove in concrete terms in which way the adopted measures benefit the citizens.

  2. Impact indicators: The practice must describe and support the impact on the citizens and on the institution through concrete indicators. Impact will be regarded as the positive consequences that the experience has had in the citizens’ welfare, not the direct outcomes of the experience.

  3. Replicability: The practice must prove to be potentially replicable and/or to have already been replicated by other bodies in the same entity or by third parties.

  4. Relevance: The practice shall make evident the relevance of the problem it tacked (or is tackling) and the effectiveness of the solution put forward.

  5. Creativity: The practice shall be innovative and original, that is, be creative in the design implementation, dissemination and/or monitoring of the experience submitted.

  6. Efficiency: The implementation of the practice must entail greater efficiency in the management of the regions assets.

  7. Wholeness: It is necessary to explain the specific character and detail of the practice; however, the context in which it is developed must also be provided, that is, the institutional framework, strategy/public policy it belongs to and has favoured its implementation. It shouldn’t be an isolated effort, but it must respond to institutional objectives.

  8. Sustainability: The practice must ensure that implementation of its actions does not have a negative impact.

  9. EquityFull and equitable participation of women in the development and benefit of the practice must be ensured.



1. Citizens welfare    10 points
2. Impact indicators      10 points
3. Replicability  10 points
4. Relevance  10 points
5. Creativity  10 points
6. Creativity  10 points
7. Wholeness  10 points
8. Sustainability  10 points
9. Equity

 10 points 


 Additionally, up to 10 points may be awarded for the participant’s ability to describe the submitted practice in a clear and succinct way.


How to enter the contest?

1: Fill out the Application Form and the Authorisation for disclosure of the practices and the use of images. (Attached to these Rules)

2: Send both documents (Application Form and Authorisation for the disclosure of the practices) duly completed by email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 The participants are encouraged to submit a 3-5 minutes videos explaining the good practice, as well as any online links giving more information on the initiative.



Submission period

Until the 31th May 2017.

Publication of finalists and award ceremony

October 2017, at ORU Fogar’s General Assembly to be held in the Basque Country, Spain.


Submission: The information and documentation of the nomination must be submitted in an orderly, succinct and precise way, and allow for easy understanding.

What is the prize?


The five best submissions will be recognized as Good Practice 2017.

The winning practices will be rewarded with:

  • their presentation at ORU Fogar’s General Assembly in October.

  • heir dissemination by the organisers for their international recognition and replicability, namely through relevant UN communication channels and networks.

  • their publication in ORU Fogar’s Bank of Best Practices.

  • a certificate of appreciation certifying them as winners.

Participants shall receive no remuneration to attend the awards ceremony nor by way of prize.


Intellectual property rights


 By the submission of a Good Practice for the II Regional Best Practices Award, the applicant grants ORU Fogar’s Secretariat express authorisation to disclose and make use, in full or in part, of the content of its submission and the institution’s logo, as well as any additional information the applicant may present.


More information

Any request for information can be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at: +34 607050705.


 All the information and application forms will be available on ORU Fogar’s website



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