The regions exhort the United Nations to push for a treaty to ensure that transnational corporations respect human rights

At the ORU-Fogar assembly on November 30, a declaration was approved, urging the United Nations to draft a binding treaty on transnational corporations and human rights. In the coming weeks, the organization will encourage representatives of regional, intermediate and federal governments around the world, as well as the geographic and thematic networks of these levels of government, to sign a declaration as part of a campaign led by local governments, civil society and parliaments of different countries.

There is currently a growing tension between the globalized economy and human rights. The problems stem from the existence of strong asymmetries between companies, economic power and people and, in many cases, between companies and states. These asymmetries are at the root of situations of abuse, crimes and human rights violations or, in general, block access to justice for the populations concerned.

Given this situation, this declaration wants to show its support for the establishment of a binding treaty that regulates the action of transnational corporations and other business enterprises in the field of human rights and fundamental freedoms. The representatives of the regional governments therefore urge the central governments to get involved in the negotiation, adoption and ratification of this instrument of international law. The manifesto, in any case, goes beyond a petition, when the signatories show their commitment to incorporate into their legislation and public policies the provisions of the binding treaty on business and human rights that is being negotiated, once it has been adopted and has entered into force. And, during the period in which there is no binding international legal instrument, regional governments undertake to promote, through the public policies of their governments, responsible economic, social and environmental actions, and respect for human rights, by companies headquartered in their respective territories.


You may download the complete declaration here:  





Signatures to the declaration can be sent to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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