A webinar allows you to understand how a Buying Center works

On April 17th, a webinar was held that allowed ZICOSUR (Zona de Integración del Centro Oeste de América del Sur) and ANGR (Asamblea Nacional de Gobiernos Regionales) from Peru to learn about the experience of the Association of Municipalities of Catalonia in promoting a buying center.

A Buying Center allows for the centralized acquisition of products and services. This results in significant savings due to the aggregated purchasing power of an association, on behalf of its members, whether municipalities or regions. The process also becomes simpler and more agile, while allowing for thorough control of prices and quality. This aggregated purchasing also enables the establishment of specific policies, such as promoting local industry or encouraging green energy, sustainable mobility, efficiency, energy saving, or recycling. "

The webinar allowed attendees to learn about the successful experience of ACM, whose buying center is providing products and services at very competitive prices to Catalan municipalities. These products and services include: paper, natural gas, electricity, diesel, electric vehicle charging equipment, defibrillators, elevator and escalator maintenance, computer equipment, technical cleaning machinery, insurance, printing equipment, playgrounds, urban furniture, biomass boilers, police uniforms, audits, and public lighting.

The webinar highlighted the possibility for ZICOSUR and ANGR to undertake a similar project. Both associations participated with their entire management team, led by Orlando Pessuti and Patricia Donayre, respectively. There is consideration for holding similar sessions in French and English with other regional associations."


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