Newsletter 100 - December 2022


Newsletter # 100



Some regions take the lead in the fight against Climate Change

When COP 27 has once again highlighted the weak commitment of most countries in the fight against Climate Change, in Sharm El Sheikh it has been seen more clearly than ever that some regions are taking the vanguard of this cause. Thus, those most involved, as if they had agreed before traveling to Egypt, made solemn announcements in which they committed constant and resounding budgets in the fight against Climate Change.

Aiming for a hydrogen energy future

With an energy transition that is progressing much more slowly than would be advisable, talking about hydrogen may seem utopian. Despite this, Regions4, the International Association of Francophone Regions (AIRF) and ORU Fogar were at COP27 willing ...


World Report on Sustainable Development

On November 14 and 15, 2022, Ababacar Ndao from the Association of Departments of Senegal participated, on behalf of ORU Fogar, in the United Nations consultation for the drafting of the World Sustainable Development Report, which was held in Dakar.


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