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Newsletter 115 |  April 2024

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The 5th Zero Hunger Summit will address climate change, food waste, and gastronomy
After four regional summits on food security held outside of Europe (Senegal, Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile), the 5th Zero Hunger Regional Summit, which will take place in Barcelona from October 2nd to 4th, will focus on some topics that have not previously received enough attention. These include Climate Change and its implications for agriculture, the prevention of food losses and waste, and the importance of gastronomy.
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Coalition of subnational governments to end plastic pollution
The governments of Catalonia, Quebec, Regions4, along with some networks of local governments, have promoted the Coalition of Local and Subnational Governments to end plastic pollution.
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A webinar allows you to understand how a Buying Center works
On April 17th, a webinar was held that allowed ZICOSUR (Zona de Integración del Centro Oeste de América del Sur) and ANGR (Asamblea Nacional de Gobiernos Regionales) from Peru to learn about the experience of the Association of Municipalities of Catalonia in promoting a buying center.
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The Challenges of Decentralization in Cameroon
Jules Hilaire Focka Focka, President of the West Cameroon Regional Council
Cameroon, a land of both geographical and cultural diversity, faces complex challenges in terms of governance and regional development. With this in mind, decentralization and regional construction emerge as essential levers for promoting local autonomy and stimulating regional progress. These advances offer a remarkable opportunity to respond effectively to the specific needs of each region, thus promoting balanced and inclusive development across the entire national territory.
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