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The United Regions Organisation, member of the Executive Committee of the Global Forum on Local Development (LED), participated in the preparatory meeting of the 3rd LED Forum held in Turin from the 13th to the 16th October 2015. 

ORU will contribute the regions’ expertise in the coordination of different actors and in the development of policies on environment, job creation, education, land-use planning, and water and waste management.  Marta Marín, representative of the Basque Country in Brussels, participated on behalf of ORU, and stated that   “these policies are vital and real accelerators for sustainable economic development.  It is also time to show that the new alliances and the multi-level governance fosters and facilitates progress to face major global challenges (climatic, demographic, migratory, limited resources and inequality).” 

The 3rd LED Forum seeks to strengthen the ability of the territories to create employment opportunities and improve local wellbeing, in accordance with a sustainable social and environmental development approach and to offer a space for dialogue and relation among the local, national and international actors.   

During the meeting it was agreed that the municipality of Turin together with the municipality of Núremberg would lead the topic on organic farming, as focal point and link of the Forum with the Milan International Exposition "Feeding the planet, energy for life". 


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