Visit to the centre of the fleet of machinery and intervention equipment of the Oriental Region

On the occasion of ORU Fogar's Executive Bureau meeting on the 7th of March in Oujda (Morocco), the Eastern Region organised for the visitors a morning visit to some of the main achievements of the Region. Bureau members from Europe, various African countries and Morocco itself were able to visit the Mohammed VI theatre and the Oujda Ecological Park. Both sites impressed the ORU Fogar Bureau members, but the visit that raised the most interest was the visit to the Regional Rescue Centre and the regional fleet of machinery and intervention equipment.

The Centre, pioneer in Morocco, has a surface of 5 hectares and comprises both the Rescue and Civil Protection Centre, as well as all the administration and operational aspects of the Regional Council's Machinery Park. Thus, the park has trucks, excavators, asphalting machines, etc... which has allowed, in a few years, a huge work of opening rural roads and connecting even the most isolated points of the region. "This is a very strong commitment to the rural world. We are connecting all the enclaves and thus bringing services closer, which in many cases, even the most basic ones, were not available to a very large part of the population," explains the Vice-President of the Regional Council, Salah El Aboudi, proudly.

During the Executive Bureau meeting, at the headquarters of the Regional Council of the Oriental, and in the presence of the host president Abdennabi Biioui, the president of ORU Fogar praised the regional achievements of the Oriental. "It is a territory that does not have abundant resources, but which is undergoing a remarkable development process, thanks to a hard-working population and a leadership that allows progress", said Rachid El Abdi.

ORU Fogar's Board, to which the Latin American members were video-connected, approved to convene the V Summit of Zero Hunger Regions, and to explore the possibility of holding GloCal, the Forum on Tourism and Local Economic Development, in 2023. It was also approved to hold the first Bureau of 2024 in Côte d'Ivoire, with the support of ARDCI. This session of the Bureau was attended by the new Director of International Affairs of the Basque Government, Conchi Quintana, and the new President of the Association of Departments of Senegal, Ahmed Youssouf Benjeloune. The meeting was closed with a small recognition to the latter's predecessor, Adama Diouf, who had been ORU Fogar's vice-president for 7 years.



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