Newsletter 107 July 2023




Newsletter 107 |  July 2023

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The international activity of the president of ORU Fogar
In recent weeks, the president of ORU Fogar and president of the Regional Council of Rabat Salé Kénitra, Rachid El Abdi, has maintained an intense international agenda, traveling to three African countries: Rwanda, Kenya and Cameroon. Already in his time as spokesman in the Moroccan Parliament, he developed an extensive paradiplomatic activity, with a special pan-African sensitivity, which now continues from ORU Fogar and the presidency of the Moroccan regional council.
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For the first time, a woman, Paola Pabón, will preside over CONGOPE
Paola Verenice Pabón Caranqui, the prefect of the Provincial Autonomous Government of Pichincha, has been elected as the president of the Consortium of Provincial Governments of Ecuador (CONGOPE) for the 2023-2025 term. 
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Catalonia is committed to "easy communication" in news, procedures and consultations
The Government of Catalonia has published a clear communication guide, which has been put in place to help those who, in the administration, create content. The idea is to make communications more understandable and simple, whether it is a news, a procedure, a notification or an administrative act.
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Citizenship at the Center? Let's start with active listening.
Ester Manzano Peláez. Director General of Digital Services and Citizen Experience. Government of Catalonia.
In recent years, public administrations have talked a lot about putting the citizen at the center, like a mantra that now appears in any speech. This concept also motivates comments like, "We have always put the citizen at the center because we work for the citizen." But in reality, it is difficult to find concrete actions and proposals that land this idea.
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